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Hit a Nigga Up   Submit   Harrooo, I'm Tony or Joven. I like to dance, make people smile, and TRY to sing. Happily taken since 12.04.12.
I'm a bookworm-urban boy living 95% of my life in Kansas, but I'll be leaving for Dental School soon, hopefully.
I have the most amazing friends and family, and my goals set.
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Fam vs Happiness

Family is family - you guys stick together, support one another, and love each other unconditionally. Yeah, they annoy you and here and there, but when things come to push & shove, they’ll be there; at least that’s how my family generally works.
I generally listen and do the things my family want me to do. I am a good child and i know what i want in life and where i’m heading, but sometimes that contradicts my family’s ideal and then do i listen to them or my ideals.
Sure, many people would say “do what makes you happy”, but even if I do what makes me happy, it’ll make my family disappointed, upset.
If you know me then you would know my biggest fear in life is disappointment - the feeling of knowing that you let someone dear to you down really tears me apart. My parents and siblings have done a lot for me to succeed and all they want in return is for me to accomplish my goals, dreams, and to have a happy life.
That’s why in the end … I’ll always put my family first and just go along with my family’s decision and put my happiness aside for them.

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