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Hit a Nigga Up   Submit   Harrooo, I'm Tony or Joven. I like to dance, make people smile, and TRY to sing. Happily taken since 12.04.12.
I'm a bookworm-urban boy living 95% of my life in Kansas, but I'll be leaving for Dental School soon, hopefully.
I have the most amazing friends and family, and my goals set.
So, instead of reading this you should hit me up :D

Work towards a better future.

I can’t do that to you … I guess I can suck it up, and just do it for us and our family… 

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What if Frozen was an anime series?

What would its OP sequence look like?

Why does this make me laugh so hard

because it’s accurate

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JELSA for the win \( > v < )/ 

Please link the artist! All art is by Sakimi-chan.

Oh lord *o*….my minds tellin me nooOOOooo….

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The beautiful United States of America

simultaneous thoughts:
I can count on one hand the places I could go and not feel like I have to look over my shoulder every five minutes.

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Animals getting help from people.

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[x] League of Valentines III (Part 1 & 2)

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